Tube advert campaign fights poverty

Thursday 11th June, 2015


Female business owners have been invited to show their solidarity with poor women elsewhere in the world by buying ads as part of a new campaign that will raise money for microlending.

Female small business owners have been invited to help some of the poorest women in the world with an advertising campaign on the Tube.

MicroLoan, a small microfinance charity, has been given 200 poster spaces and will use the money it receives from participating firms to help fund small businesses in Africa.

Dailess Tempo now runs her own business as a seamstress since receiving her loan. Photo: MicroLoan

“The donation made from each poster will help to provide loans to enable some of the poorest women in the world to start a business, which will in turn give them the opportunity to work themselves and their families out of poverty,” said Peter Ryan, MicroLoan’s CEO.

The charity will use the money earned to provide loans of around £60 to help women in Malawi and Zambia set up self-sustainable businesses.

One of the first companies to snap up the opportunity was Lingerie firm Standard Drawers.

“Our goal at Standard Drawers is to empower women by providing them with little things that can make a big difference, in our case it’s quality lingerie. For Microloan it’s small business loans, our ethos is the same,” said the firm’s owner Jenette Coduto.

Demand for the posters has been incredibly high, with some male-run businesses also getting involved.

“It’s such a different way of giving to charity,” said Tom Senior, owner of dog care company City Pups, who have purchased two posters. “It’s much better than just a one-off handout.”

Each poster costs £100 and is designed by advertising agency DLKW. They will be displayed for a month, starting in early July.