Tottenham art studio opens doors to public

Tuesday 9th June, 2015


Euroart Studios in Tottenham open their gates for the public to view the work of their 80 odd artists

Several hundred people took a firsthand look at the day-to-day lives of artists as a small London studio opened its doors to the public.

Former travel photographer Ethel Davies now takes 3D portraits and landscape scenes

Euroart Studios in Tottenham held an open weekend for all of its artists to showcase their work along with an auction and an art raffle.

Much of the work is experimental, including that of Ethel Davies, a former travel photographer who now shoots 3D portraits and scenes.

“This room is the perfect thing for me,” she said. “The light and the white walls of the studios are a very good setting.” You need you to wear retro red and blue glasses to gain the full 3D effect of her portraits.

More than 80 artists have been using the 70 studios opened by co-founders Nigel Young and Lorraine Clarke in 2009.

“We wanted to create a safe, clean, well-managed place for artists to get together and work,” explained Clarke whose work explores religion, medicine and the human condition.

“Our artists are professionals, from students to established artists,” she added.

“The community here is amazing,” says Young. “We fix all the problems together and we support one another.”