Small businesses to get big boost in new London competition

Friday 29th May, 2015


Institute for Sustainability and Mayor of London’s office announce new competition for small businesses

 In what could prove to be a major boost to small businesses and innovators, the Institute for Sustainability in partnership with the Mayor of London’s office announced a new competition on Monday asking them to develop technologies to help the city’s regeneration projects.

Those businesses that make the cut will get the opportunity to present their ideas before organisations involved in some of the most high-profile regeneration projects in London, including Imperial West and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The innovators have to develop technologies to aid regeneration work being carried out in areas that are part of the Smart London districts network. The challenge is to provide out-of-the-box solutions to problems being caused by the exponential growth of the city.

This competition provides an opportunity to connect innovators with some of the capital’s highest profile businesses

Explaining the importance of the competition, Matthew Pencharz, senior advisor to the Mayor of London on Environment and Energy, said: “This competition provides an opportunity to connect innovators with some of the capital’s highest profile businesses, and to support their ambition to take forward some of London’s largest areas of redevelopment.”

The innovators are being encouraged to look beyond constructing more homes and offices and instead focus on using technologies that connect people and help them create a sense of community. These could include apps that facilitate interaction with one another and also increase participation in their local areas, technologies that help efficient management services in these areas and data sharing devices that help businesses engage with customers.

“We are working directly with organisations delivering large-scale redevelopment projects, to bring forward innovative smart technology which directly meets their needs and will help make their districts more economically, environmentally and socially sustainable,” said Ian Short, Chief Executive of the Institute for Sustainability.

Those businesses that have the most innovative ideas will pitch to the Smart London Districts Network members later in the year, and shortlisted small businesses or startups may qualify for further support through network partner EIT ICT Labs.

The competition closes on 12th June 2015.