RVs, cocktails and chemicals: Breaking Bad bar to open in London

Thursday 4th June, 2015


Walter White is on his way to London not with his famous blue meth but with a few drinks in tow. A Breaking Bad themed pop-up bar, ABQ, is opening in July, the name of which refers to Albuquerque where the series is set.

Seb Lyall bought an RV from the US and is now outfitting it with a cocktail bar and a lab Photo: Seb Lyall

“London is hungry for unique experiences,” says Seb Lyall, founder of Locappy, the company hosting the bar. With the popularity of the show, Lyall decided it would be a great idea for an event. “Why Breaking Bad? Why not? It’s cool, it’s trending.”

The popular American crime drama aired originally from 2008 to 2013. The show focused on a high school chemistry teacher who began making crystal meth in an RV after being diagnosed with cancer, selling it with the help of a former student.  

“We’re crazy,” said Lyall. “So we bought an RV from the US and now we are outfitting it into a cocktail bar and a lab inside.”

Locappy is a startup business that has created an app allowing users to post and share restaurants and other unique events, similar to Instagram but for neighbourhoods.

Photo: Seb Lyall

The outfitted RV only allows for 22 people to be inside at a time. But more than 25,000 have signed up for tickets. Lyall said they have planned to stay open for only three months this summer but may extend that to six months to meet demand.

Locappy is not an event company, though it does host events to engage users. It is trying to create what Lyall refers to as an “ecosystem of uniqueness”.

“We want to give our users unique experiences. That is where our events come in,” said Lyall. Hosting events allows the company to push its ideas out into the public and gain media attention for the startup.