Punny business: Search for most amusing name begins

Friday 29th May, 2015


A nationwide hunt is underway to discover Britain’s “punniest” small business name. 

Already in the running are florist Back to the Fuchsia, fish and chip shop Frying Nemo and men’s barber shops Jack the Ripper and Hairy Poppins. Animal sanctuary Only Foals and Horses and restaurant Only Food and Sauces are also in with a chance.

50 Shades hair and beauty salon is in the running Photo: Stephen Wooster

The “Punniest Business Awards 2015” competition was started by mobile app development company Appsme, and invites business owners and members of the public to nominate creative or amusing names of SMEs.

Appsme CEO Nick Barnett said the awards offer the opportunity to recognise the ingenuity of small businesses: “We all know there are millions of active SMEs across the UK, all employing millions of hard working people. But, while we all rely on their products and services, we rarely get a chance to take a step back and celebrate the creativity they bring. We thought this was a fun and engaging way to do just that.

Plymouth-based hair salon Fifty Shades is one of the contenders. Co-owner Tracy Carter-Lunn said: “It’s a great idea and brilliant that people have thought of us. We opened around the same time as the books came out. Our clients love it. We even have a beauty room called ‘The Dungeon’.”

Entries can be made by submitting a photo on the Appsme website, as well as via Twitter and Instagram, and the competition is open to all industries.

The winner will receive an app developed especially for their business and an Apple Watch, as well as the Punniest Business 2015 title and national acclaim for their wit.