Tree office opens in East London

Tuesday 9th June, 2015


An office made of recyclable material has opened in Hoxton Square - in a tree

Working in a tree is no longer just for chimpanzees or the Swiss Family Robinson. Now office workers in East London can work in an office built in a tree. 

Located in Hoxton Square, Hackney, TREExOFFICE offers eight individual workspaces for rent. The entire structure can also be hired out for meetings and events.

“It’s about reclaiming green spaces and trying to give something back to the park,” said Danielle Johnson, project manager at Groundwork London, an environmental charity.

Groundwork commissioned the tree office with Hackney Council as part of the Rethinking Parks programme. The space, was created by artist Natalie Jeremijenko in collaboration with artists Shuster + Moseley and architects Tate Harmer. 

Time to open a new branch? TREExOFFICE in Hoxton

“It’s about getting people to do something in the park other than walk their dog. We’re giving back to nature,” said artist Edward Shuster.

The insulated ceiling and interchangeable sides are made of recyclable plastics while the office is held up by thick richlite supports – a dense material made from recycled paper and resin. A power supply and free wifi are also available. 

The sides will be exchanged for thicker material come winter and can be closed if it rains.

“I felt a bit cold but then that’s the summer in London. It’s a great space once you’re inside, very peaceful,” said office user Giovanni Brighi, a food retailer.

The office will be available for hire until December 2015. A desk can be booked for £15 per half day or the entire space for £120.