Valor: the 'Tinder for entrepreneurs'

Monday 25th May, 2015


The new app aims to help like-minded entrepreneurs meet each other.

New app Valor promises to make networking for professionals and like-minded entrepreneurs easier than ever. The app markets itself as the “Tinder of networking”: users are matched with potential business partners based on mutual interests. It also shares the brutal simplicity of the dating app giant – swipe right to connect with someone, or left to reject them.

Valor could be the new "tinder for networking"

“Valor uses matching technology to meet people it thinks you would also be interested in meeting… It takes information about you and then information about the people you want to meet and it creates mutual matches,” says Kellyn McCarthy, spokeswoman for Valor.

The app is the brainchild of MyNetwork CEO Andrew Fine, who left Goldman Sachs to create the networking website in 2013. The Valor app is the mobile offshoot of MyNetwork’s platform.

You may not have heard of MyNetwork because most people use LinkedIn, the massive and free social networking tool akin to professional Facebook that was launched more than 10 years prior to MyNetwork and has 259 million users.

Valor is more about connecting you with the right people

Despite the tough competition, McCarthy insists that Valor offers a different experience for users and will be able to compete:

“I think we’re in a whole different niche, just because LinkedIn is more about quantity over quality and I think that Valor is more about connecting you with the right people. [With] Linkedin you want to build your network and connect to as many people as you can. Valor is more about putting in information about you, getting information and making valuable connections with people who want to meet you.”

Despite Valor’s claim that the app trumps LinkedIn’s quantity with quality, the real test for the startup will be getting users to split their loyalty between the two networks.