Workplace of the future revealed at London Architecture Festival

Tuesday 9th June, 2015


The London Architecture Festival 2015 brings together architects and urbanism experts to explore how to improve millions of workers' lives through pleasant and functional working environments

The average Londoner spends 38 hours a week in the workplace, yet the standard office environment has remained largely untouched by the changes that have swept over London in recent years.

This year’s London Architecture Festival (LAF) claims to challenge the development of the workplace, with architects and urbanism experts exploring how to improve the lives of London’s million-strong workforce.

Arup Associates' talk 'Designing for wellness at work' will be one of the dozens of open and free activities at LAF. Photo: Arup Associates

This year’s central theme – “Work in Progress” – will see industry experts, architects and academics come together to discuss the changing faces of cities and the interaction between people, workers and neighbourhoods.

What makes the Festival palatable to the layman is the accessible nature of the events. Many  will focus on urban planning issues that affect our everyday lives: how do we work with others? What contributes to work satisfaction and productivity? What will the workplace look like in 2020?

Panellists at the various talks will include American writer Niki Saval, author of A History of the Workplace, Linda Morey-Burrows, a workspace designer, and Jeremy Myserson, an academic and director of the Centre for Design at the Royal College of Arts. The full programme of events, including locations and dates, is available here.

The Festival runs throughout June with talks, exhibitions and debates taking place in various venues across the capital. Only one event requires a ticket; all others are free.