Interop London announces top 10 startups

Friday 22nd May, 2015


Social media and green energy firms figure on the list.

Photo: Interop Events

A consulting company that helps boost social media presence and a money-saving energy technology initiative are among the winners of Interop London’s Tech Startup 10 competition.

Ten companies from the UK, France, Portugal, USA and Israel have been selected by a judging panel that included representatives from Microsoft Ventures, and techUK.

“I’m delighted with our winners,” said Josué Paulos, event manager at Interop London. “The Tech Startup 10 will bring an element of innovation to Interop that our audience consistently demands.” Interop is a technology exhibition that takes place at London’s ExCel from 16-18 June during London Technology Week.

SoAmpli and OpenTRV are just two of the companies that will be able to exhibit for free. They will receive an exhibition package worth £7,000 including pre-show marketing, on-site promotion and bespoke mentoring.

SoAmpli aims to connect colleagues and enhance companies’ social media influence.

Despite it being a young company, founder Maz Nadjm is glad to be recognised.

For the purpose of being out there and more folks knowing what we do, it’s pretty phenomenal

“[Interop] is an extremely established organisation and for the purpose of being out there and more folks knowing what we do, it’s pretty phenomenal,” he said. “We travel all over the world and work really hard to make sure people know about us so to be recognised is something to be proud of.”

In the same week, Entrepreneur magazine identified SoAmpli as one of its top 12 must-use apps for marketeers.

Another UK-based company to benefit from this competition is energy conscious Open TRV, which employs simple technologies to make carbon reduction easy for the public. The company aims to help the UK to cut 10 per cent of its carbon emissions for £150 per house.

CEO Damon Hart-Davis said: “I’m very pleased that the panel understands the potential of the enormous unserved market that we are addressing…we’re attempting to get our first consumer product to shelves and substantial social housing trials this winter. It’s a very exciting time.”

The competition is also an opportunity for overseas companies to get a foothold in the UK. Léonard Guillaumont is co-founder and CEO of, a service provider to global e-commerce companies. Guillaumont, who set up the company with Yann Milin, is delighted at the chance to enter the market.

“We have started to be an international company but we have very few connections to the UK right now, so it’s a really great experience for us to be able to fly to the UK and meet those who are making e-commerce here,” he said.

Interop London is the flagship event of London Technology Week. As well as the winning entries, the event will showcase innovations from London’s burgeoning tech scene.

The Ten Winners: