How to give up £60 million in style and become a monk

Wednesday 10th June, 2015


Until recently, 58-year-old Bhanwarlal Raghunath Doshi of New Delhi was known as the “plastics king” of India’s capital. He founded DR International, a company that deals with plastic raw materials, in 1978 and turned it into a billion-dollar business.

More than three decades later, Doshi has renounced his wealth, footwear and haircuts to opt for Jain monasticism - a life free from all worldly pleasures.

If you’re worth ₹600 crore (£61.4m) and wish to choose a similar path, here’s a guide on how to go about it:

1. Invite 72 international artists for a musical performance.

Image: Youtube

2. Pick a new name

This should included words such as ratna (gemstone), vijay (victory) and maharaj (king).

Image: Runa Mukherjee

3. Carry out a 7km-long procession

Do this while standing on the top of a boat-shaped vehicle, through the streets of Ahmedabad (a city with the combined population of Berlin and Rome) that involves 12 chariots, nine elephants and nine camel-drawn carts.

Image: Runa Mukherjee

4. Use a DJI Phantom

Put the unmanned quadcopter to work recording an aerial view of aforementioned procession.

Image: Vicki Burton

5. Live stream the ceremony on YouTube

Image: YouTube

6. Spend ₹100 crore (£10.2m)

Use it to build a 171m long structure in the shape of a ship to hold the ceremony spread out over an area of almost 100,000 sq m.

Image: YouTube

7. Employ 3,000 workers

Get them to erect a boat-shaped structure with the help of 20,000 bamboo poles.

Image: Hsing Wei