Female networking group helps overcome adversity

Thursday 11th June, 2015

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Two women have created the Buzzing Business Club, a network group for female entrepreneurs based in North London

Michael (above) and Bourdon (below) have created a network for female entrepreneurs.

Two female entrepreneurs are hoping to fill a networking gap after starting an all-women business group in north London.

Meeting in North Finchley, The Buzzing Business Club is a network and social group for female entrepreneurs founded by Lina Bourdon and Helen Michael.

“It is one of my most valued projects,” explains Bourdon, who also owns a financial advice firm. “I know that there are a lot of women in business, and many more who would like to start a business, but there was no place for them to meet. Thanks to the Buzzing Club every woman can find advice and friends.”

I felt lonely at first, and I used to go back home crying every night

The group is supported by the north London branch of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), which works in Barnet, Brent and Enfield and also provides female business owners with legal and professional help.

One of the group’s members, Monica Daswani, owns two acupuncture businesses. She wants to make her treatments accessible to everyone, but says that starting out on her own was an immense struggle.

“I think it’s the network that’s so important. You have to know what and who is around you, so you can be able to refer, as well as receive.”

Bourdon and Michael are familiar with the feeling of loneliness when starting a business. Photo: Camille Ayral

Founders Bourdon and Michael are familiar with this sense of adversity. “I felt lonely at first, and I used to go back home crying every night,” recalls Michael, who left her job as a lawyer to buy a café.

“I had to adapt to a completely different life. When I started 10 years ago, there was no café culture in Finchley. I had to create that and now we’re one of the most famous cafés around here.”

The pair constantly have new ideas and projects and they have high expectations for their latest venture. “We want to go national,” said Bourdon. “We believe that having a business club for women could help us to be better represented in politics and heard by the government.”