Eight surprising small businesses owned by your local council

Tuesday 2nd June, 2015


The Taxpayers Alliance has published a report outlining some of the more peculiar assets owned by local councils. Here are the top small businesses on the list.

1. A wet fish stall


If you live in Nigel Farage’s old stomping ground of Thanet, the district council is the proud owner of a Wet Fish Stall in the local market .

Image: John Sheldon

2. A cheese factory


North of the border, one of the quirkier council ownerships is a cheese factory in Dumfries and Galloway.

3. A sawmill


One of the more traditional businesses on the list is a sawmill in the Midland town of Bromsgrove. The perfect antidote to council cuts.

Image: Darron Birgenheier

4. Pigeon lofts


A real coup. It’s a set of pigeon lofts in the district of Copeland in the Lake District.

5. A model railway


Proof that council spending has gone off the rails. Gravesham Borough Council owns a model railway.

6. A betting shop


A hot favourite for council ownership in the last 12 months -- a betting shop in Thurrock.

7. A bingo hall


Bidding to make it a full house of small businesses, Nottingham City Council took up ownership of a bingo club in the city.

Image: Play Among Friends PAF

8. The only way is clubbing in Essex


Harlow Council is the proud owner of ‘Seen’ in Harlow, a nightclub labelled ‘Essex’s most chic and sophisticated clubbing destination’.